Join a national network of age services leaders sharing their skills and knowledge to ensure the success of
current and emerging leaders in your organisation, today and into the future.

The LASA Mentoring Program presents a unique opportunity within the age services industry. Mentoring is an invaluable way to support current and emerging leaders in their career development and help grow their confidence, as well as navigate a pathway to success. With current and projected shortages of qualified staff in the age services industry, as well increased customer expectations of high quality support and care, never has there been a more urgent need for the development and retention of talented age services professionals.

The LASA Mentoring Program is a five-month mentoring partnership and online coaching program, which facilitates the professional development of current and emerging leaders in the age services industry. This interactive Australia-wide program is carefully curated to give our Mentees access to one-on-one individualised support and guidance from industry-experienced Mentors.

For more information contact Principal Advisor LASA Mentoring Program Samantha Bowen by phone 1300 111 636 or email