Coming up with a great idea is only the beginning. After the big idea, comes the other-side of innovation, that is the journey from idea to impact. Innovation is a two-part challenge, it’s not just ideas, but ideas plus execution. To succeed in innovation, you need to be good at both. If you are an age services innovator wanting to know the latest on sector innovation thinking and initiatives, these complimentary and relevant 60-minute webinars are for you!

If you are an innovator transforming your organisation, join us for these complimentary (LASA Members and Non-members) and relevant 1 hour webinars with industry leaders.

Webinar Topics & Dates

Wednesday, 20 April 2022 @ 2:00pm AEST   | How Far Will You Go? Organisational Appetite for Innovation Risk

A key to successful innovation is proper top-down alignment within an organisation on its strategic intent. Part of this is a shared understanding of the organisation’s appetite to take risks and change-things-up. This session brings together governance and innovation leaders who have walked the talk on taking and managing innovation risk.

Presented by:

Fi Mercer, Founding Director, GovernWith 
Gary Morgan, Deputy Chair and Non-Executive Director, integratedliving Australia Ltd
Ian Poalses, Queensland State Manager, LASA

Wednesday 27 April 2022 @ 2:00pm AEST   | Shall We Play a Game? Implementing Age Services Gamification

Adding game mechanics to nongame functions and tasks is fast catching on. In the age services sector, gamification is currently being applied to physiotherapy, digital literacy, and workforce planning to name a few, and has been a catalyst to engage, collaborate, share, and interact. This session will be an opportunity to learn about the latest in age services gamification.

Presented by: 
Angus Stevens, Managing Director, Start Beyond (2021 iA Award Finalist)
Alex Jackson, Executive Designer, ThinkPlace
Prof Bianca Brijnath, Director of Social Gerontology, National Ageing Research Institute (NARI)
Simon Kerrigan, Managing Director, Guide Healthcare (2020 iA Award Winner) 

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 @ 2:00pm AEST   | The Coming ESG Movement: How Consumers, Workers, and Providers Win Together

ESG is currently a hot topic in other sectors, and many are anticipating that ESG will make an impact in the age services sector. Get a head-start on understanding the learnings, opportunities and challenges ESG will bring to our sector with experts from the Commonwealth Bank and KPMG Australia.

Presented by:

Robert Poole, Partner and National Lead Consumer and Retail, KPMG Australia
Camilla Waterhouse, Executive Manager ESG, Commonwealth Bank
Melissa Argent, Chief Executive Officer, Rockpool Residential Aged Care

2021 Wednesday 18 May 2022 @ 2:00pm AEST   |  The Power of We: Fostering Constructive Partnerships

With ever growing complexity in the age services sector, forming partnerships to address sector challenges have become vital. A zero-sum game mindset to partnerships and collaborations is no longer constructive in our sector. This session will explore how sector leaders are forging new and constructive partnerships to address pressing challenges.

Presented by:
Ali Galadari, CEO, Conpago (2021 iA Award Finalist) 
Leanne Emerson, Executive Director Services and Business Development, Dementia Australia (iA Award Winner)
Prof Sue Gordon, Chair for Restorative Care, Flinders University (iA Expert-In-Resident) 


Wednesday 25 May 2022 @ 2:00pm AEST  | True Grit: The Courage to Make Innovation Happen

Having a novel idea, and implementing it takes courage, perseverance, and grit. Not only are the skillsets for coming up with ideas and execution totally different, you need to generate buy-in and support. In this session, we will meet with progressive change-makers who have changed the logic of business-as-usual for the better.  

Presented by:

Emma Small, Co-Founder, Risk Managed (2021 iA Award Winner)
Natasha Chadwick, CEO, NewDirection Care (2021 iA Award Winner)
William Burkitt, Leader – Care & Living with Mercer, Mercer (2021 iA Award Finalist)

Join from your Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone. Registration is FREE for LASA Members and Non Members to Attend!

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