Home Care Pricing Transparency and Compatibility in My Aged Care 

This insightful webinar will build on LASA Member consultations already convened across 2018 concerning home care pricing transparency and comparability. It will be convened by Troy Speirs, Principal Advisor – Home Care and is based on the most recent advice provided by the Department of Health to support Member access to timely advice on these significant home care package operational changes.

Date Recorded: Thursday 21 February 2019



Troy Speirs, Principal Advisor Home Care,  Leading Age Services Australia

Troy Speirs is a clinical psychologist with over twenty 20 years of experience across aged care, mental health and community/primary health care settings. He has worked as clinician, manager, educator and policy officer having accumulated a range of experience that places him as a credible and authoritative voice in running this webinar.
His experience includes policy development and analysis, program development, implementation and evaluation, operational management, strategic planning, clinical redesign, workforce

Webinar Recording