Employment Relations Workshops

LASA hosts a range of Employment Relations Workshops across the nation covering topics such as Dealing with Difficult behaviours, Managing Stress and Building Resilience, Building Emotional Intelligence and many more.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

As long as we have to work with people, we will have to deal with difficult behaviours, as least some of the time. Difficult behaviours come in many forms, including disruptive behaviour, threatening others, breaking rules, rudeness, ignoring directives, gossiping and much more. They can affect productivity, morale, turnover, and may even put safety at risk. If not addressed, such behaviour can get worse or spread to others, yet many of us don’t feel confident putting a stop to difficult behaviours, or we may fear negative outcomes if we do speak up. 

Managing Stress and Building Resilience 

Stressed and Feeling tired? This is not sustainable! Manage your stress and build your resilience. Stress is the result of a person’s interactions with their environment, leading them to perceive a discrepancy – whether real or not – between the demands of a situation and their own coping resources. Stress manifests in many different ways; physically, emotionally, psychologically and behaviourally. For most it looks like fatigue, exhaustion and ill health. Do you need some new ways to manage stress? Want to start feeling on top of things, instead of under them? Have a team who are stressed out? We can help.

Building Emotional Intelligence 

No matter how hard we try to hide, mask or suppress them, there are always going to be emotional outbursts in the workplace. Emotions act as a guide to our needs and wants. They help us work out what actions are appropriate. A lack of emotional awareness can disrupt effective and productive relationships and lead to unnecessary conflict and stress. The ability to understand feelings and emotions and to use this information as a guide to effective action creates an advantage in relationships, while helping mitigate unnecessary or unhealthy conflict.



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