Business Support Services

The LASA Business Support Service is a unique offering for aged care providers in Australia. No other organisation can offer the range and level of business support that LASA does. For over 40 years, LASA has delivered this service with a team of highly capable staff dedicated to minimising risk to your organisation, while reducing your costs, increasing your revenue, and improving your business performance and sustainability. Please phone 1300 111 636 or email to discuss how we can assist your organisation with the service offerings outlined below:


  • Business analysis – benchmarking and improvement strategies, roster reviews
  • Strategy planning and balanced scorecard feasibility modelling (ie: home care entry, new facility)
  • Approved Provider, ACAR and other major funding applications
  • Significant refurbishment applications
  • Pre-accreditation compliance audits
  • ACFI audits and appeals
  • Create shared/pooled back office service partnerships
  • Employment relations – tribunal representation, HR consultancy and documentation review, enterprise and comprehensive bargaining support.

Outsourced back office

  • Experience across State borders with staff trained and knowledgeable in employee awards, modern awards and enterprise agreements
  • Supported by in-house ER specialists
  • Cost effective and accurate payroll processing and comprehensive reporting each pay, each month and end of year
  • Rostering or manual
  • Time and attendance capture
  • Superannuation
  • Fringe benefits and deductions
Claims and Billing
  • Payment statements are reconcilied to ensure all reclaims are made to Medicare accurately and in a timely manner
  • Analysis of payment statement to maximise funding
  • Confirming resident status on a weekly basis
  • Production of BOND and RAD reports to prudential compliance
  • Resident payment can be processed through direct debit facility
Financial Services
  • Financial statement preparation – I&E, BS and cash flow
  • Monthly financial/management report
  • Budget preparation
  • GST reconciliation, summary and detailed report