LASA Next Gen is appealing to younger age care workers to join its inspiring Ambassador Program this month.

“Next Gen Ambassadors are increasing industry positivity, bringing people together and raising awareness of age service careers,” said Samantha Bowen, Principal Advisor Next Gen.

“It’s about driving leadership in age services, inspiring younger people and exciting them to choose a career in aged care. We need to dispel industry myths, change perceptions and highlight aged care as a dynamic and life-changing career choice.”

Every two years, LASA Next Gen appeals for new Ambassadors.

Next Gen Ambassadors are young age service professionals and role models, clinical and non-clinical professionals, working across a variety of leadership roles. They are passionate and seek to be actively involved in discussions affecting the future of the age services sector.

Ambassadors regularly attend meetings and support Next Gen and sector initiatives, provide advice and insights on issues affecting them and their peers, identify innovative projects and events to support young industry professionals, based on identified areas of strategic interest.

They also share their expertise and passion for aged services through industry presentations, articles, media interviews and more.

“Our younger age services workers and leaders energise their careers and influence our communities,” said LASA General Manager of Policy and Advocacy, Tim Hicks.

“We all know the significance of ensuring older people are supported to age well. Our existing Ambassadors have excited and motivated so many people, people they care for and younger staff. Please come forward and inspire and influence this sector because there are tens of thousands of new workforce across so many careers, required in the next few years.”

LASA Next Gen is encouraging Ambassadors under 40 who are in leadership roles within or supporting the age services industry.

“We need more Ambassadors to meet the growing demands of our diverse sector,” said Ms Bowen.

“The past 18 months has been about daring and courage and we need to ensure younger staff can be empowered through the many job choices in aged care and they can make changes.

“Ambassadors and young age services professionals will be front and centre of better ageing for older Australians.”

What our Next Gen Ambassadors say about the program

In past years, I loved working as a Next Gen Ambassador. I absolutely loved working for better change for the aged care industry. Aged care is my passion and this is where I find my happiness. I love to make difference in other people’s life. I have grown more personally and professionally after I became a LASA Next Gen Ambassador.”

Nisha Maharajan, Clinical Nurse, Bene Aged Care

“I have genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed the relationships I’ve made (and lifelong sector friendships), the contributions I’ve made and positive impact I’ve had even in unknown or unspoken ways just being part of LASA Next Gen.”

– Aynsley Johnson, Aged Care Manager, Amergin

“I have been able to connect and collaborate with like-minded young leaders from all over Australia … I cannot wait to see what we can achieve as a collective over the next 2 years to be able to engage and inspire a new generation of young leaders in age services!”

– Jamie Langdon, Communications Manager, Benevolent Living

“LASA Next Gen is that stepping stone, that opportunity that helps me have an impact on another person and show the beauty inherent in this industry. An opportunity to help someone grow and hopefully, I get to learn something along the way too.”

– Kashim Oriaje, Clinical Manager, Bolton Clarke

If you are looking towards being a Next Gen Ambassador, you can apply here. You can also register for a Next Gen Fireside Chat on 22 June 10am AEST to discuss the Ambassador role. Applications close midnight Sunday 27 June 2021