Policy & Advocacy

LASA’s voice has been strong, consistent and proactive on behalf of the aged care industry.

They are relentless in pushing for more funding. LASA is collaborative with key industry and political stake holders and this has given them respect and a voice at the Government leadership table.”

Wesley Mission - QLD

LASA represents our Members by advocating their views on issues of importance, and influencing public policy for the benefit of our industry and older Australians.

LASA engages with Federal and State governments and other stakeholders, representing a united membership base to influence policies and decisions. LASA is represented by:

  • an experienced Policy and Advocacy Team, based in Canberra, providing responsive daily engagement across all levels of government
  • State Member Advisory Groups, including Home Care, Residential Care and Retirement Living (open to Member participation)
  • Effective input into national, industry leadership groups, including the Aged Care Sector Committee and National Aged Care Alliance
  • Participation in LASA’s ‘invite only’ policy forums and discussions

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