Aged Care Quality Standards Webinar

What does the move to an ‘outcomes focus’ in the Quality Standards mean for providers of age services?

 From 1 July 2019 the new Aged Care Quality Standards, developed as part of the Single Aged Care Quality Framework will be introduced. The Aged Care Quality Standards will apply to all aged care services receiving Commonwealth Government subsidies.

Transition to the Standards will require:

  • Greater emphasis on consumer outcomes and experience;
  • Alignment of existing systems and processes underpinning the provision of safe and quality services to each of the eight individual Standards; and
  • Reviewing the breadth of evidence currently available that aligns with each Standard to determine whether the current scope of evidence is satisfactory, in need of revision, or has identified gaps that need to be addressed.

This webinar will introduce participants to:

  • A simple and balanced approach for navigating this transition process,
  • Provide practical examples of what services can do to demonstrate evidence of the outcomes they achieve for their consumers, and
  • Will introduce a range of LASA products to be made available to service providers to support the transition process in the lead up to 1 July 2019 and beyond.

Are you ready? A not to be missed webinar opportunity to dig deeper into what this change means for providers. 


Sharyn has worked in aged care for more than 20 years, including the past 10 as Operations Manager for a small private operator. In this role, Sharyn was responsible for the day to day operations of 140 residential aged care beds across two sites, one metropolitan and one rural. Sharyn’s role spanned everything from human resources and budgeting, to ACFI funding and the Aged Care Act, and compliance with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. The experience in this position this has given Sharyn great insight and understanding of balancing the day-to-day aspects of managing a facility at the coal face.

Troy Speirs, Principal Advisor, Home Care, LASA

Troy started his career as a clinical psychologist in the mental health sector over 20 years ago. More recently he has worked in operational management with home care providers, gaining a comprehensive understanding of all home care service management and operations, including staffing, funding, quality reporting and stakeholder engagement. His experience includes policy development and analysis, program development, implementation and evaluation, operational management, strategic planning, clinical redesign, workforce planning/management, clinical intervention and care planning, consultancy advice, data management and research.

Webinar Recordings

Residential Aged Care Session
Home Care Session