Aged Care Assistant Program

LASA in partnership with Altura Learning and Dash Group is offering a national redeployment program to train and place large numbers of short-term employees who have been displaced from other sectors (such as tourism, hospitality and retail) to support the existing aged care workforce.

To maintain continuity of care, the temporary Aged Care Assistant role has been created to provide support with daily living activities and free up existing staff to focus on critical healthcare.

When you employ Aged Care Assistants, you will also be provided with tools to ensure the people undertaking these roles are providing high quality, safe services.

Scope of the Aged Care Assistant Role

The Aged Care Assistant role is designed to assist staff and complete duties that require only a small amount of essential training to ensure continuity of care. This role is not designed to replace any existing role, rather it will provide on-the-floor assistance when the demands on current staff have increased.

The role will provide assistance with daily living activities that are not intimate, specialised, or health-related in nature, and will likely include:

  • Assistance with meal distribution, preparation, and supervision
  • Assistance with mobilising, including the use of a wheelchair
  • Assistance with non-intimate hygiene (e.g. brushing teeth and hair, face and hand hygiene)
  • Social assistance and simple recreational activities
  • Assistance with bed making
  • Distribution of clean linen
  • General administrative duties

You may choose to provide Aged Care Assistants with additional on-the-job training to assist staff with housekeeping, catering or laundry duties. Aged Care Assistants will not be trained or able to:

  • Assist residents to eat texture modified food
  • Assist with continence management, toileting and/or showering
  • Directly care for infected or isolated residents
  • Assist with medication
  • Transfer residents or use lifting devices
  • Document the provision of care
  • Discuss resident care with families/representatives
  • Provide nursing care

This class of worker is intended for emergency response only and must be directly supervised by a Certificate III qualified aged care worker or above.

Aged Care Assistant Training Package

Altura Learning has developed online training that aims to achieve preparedness for working in aged care and takes approximately 10 hours to complete. The training package encompasses 19 learning modules that are individually assessed to ensure the learner can demonstrate appropriate knowledge.

Recruiting process

Recruitment, screening and placement of the role will be conducted by DASH Group, who will:

  • Complete a suitability interview of prospective candidates, including personality and aptitude testing
  • Complete each candidate’s Police Check
  • Ensure each candidate has had the Influenza Vaccination
  • Encourage each candidate to self-isolate for five days prior to employment to reduce the risk of developing COVID-19
  • Direct candidates to the Altura Learning training package
  • Place candidates with employers via one of two workplace models:

Model 1 – Organisationally Employed

In this model, the aged care organisation will pay DASH Group a one-off fee for recruiting and training the candidate. The organisation will then employ, manage, and complete the payroll for the candidate.

Model Two – Employed by DASH Group

The candidate will be employed by DASH Group and provided to the aged care organisation at an hourly rate. DASH Group will manage insurance requirements, payroll and performance.

No matter which model is chosen, the candidate will receive the same thorough screening and training process.

Although this role is only designed to supplement the workforce through the COVID-19 pandemic, any candidates who love working in aged care will be encouraged to enrol in a Cert III in Individual Support after their ACA role is completed.

We’ve already been inundated with calls from employers and potential candidates, so if you’re interested in this role, either as an employer or a candidate, please register your interest or to receive an employer pack as soon as possible to avoid missing out.