Organisation: Webstercare

Address:17-19 Moore Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2040

Phone:1800 244 358 or (02) 9563 4900

Email: customerservice@webstercare.com.au

Website: www.webstercare.com.au

Webstercare is a world-leading medication management innovator recognised by numerous awards over many years. Having invented the world’s first multi-dose medication management aid – Webster-pak® – more than 30 years ago, Webstercare has since supported the aged care sector with dedication to help people optimise the use of their medication.

Webstercare offers complete medication solutions through products, systems and services tailored for community and/or aged care clients. These include: the RxMedChartTM system, a revolution in computerised medical charts for aged care; the Unit Dose 7® medication system, Australia’s most widely used medication pack; and the MedSig® electronic signing, administration and communication system.