C-Suite Safety Solutions Pty Ltd

Organisation: C-Suite Safety Solutions Pty Ltd

Address: Floor 2, Unit 255, 813 Pacific Highway, Chatswood NSW 2067

Phone: 0400 023 404

Email: admin@c-suitesafetysolutions.com.au 

Website: https://c-suitesafetysolutions.com.au/safety-governance/safety

Our team of safety experts use their practical expertise and knowledge of the law to significantly improve the way your organisation meets and exceeds expectations in safety.
With Board experience, either as Company Directors or the Head of Safety in privately held, not-for-profit and ASX listed organisations, we are available to support your organisation in all states and territories.
We ensure your safety governance is lean, effective and engaging whilst meeting your obligations as an Officer or Director of a company. Contact us today for your confidential discussion.

LASA members will receive a 20% discount on all Purchase Orders raised before 30 June 2021.
This offer excludes travel and accommodation costs.