Age Care Genie

Organisation: Age Care Genie

Address: P.O Box 5011, Old Toongabbile, NSW 2016

Phone: 0419 183 411




Be confident that you are providing the best possible care for your customers and can prove it!

A secure, hassle free, easy to use cloud based system, designed to increase your profit margins.

Achieve regulatory compliance, improve customer satisfaction, eliminate paper and have greater staff accountability.

Aged Care Genie is the most up-to-date management system for aged care facilities in Australia.

Genie covers all functions of Hospitality Management, from Stock ordering to Seasonal menu planning.

Workflow routines for Kitchen and Customer room cleaning, temperature checks and Laundry. 

Additionally, our Customer Care Workflows provide daily care routines at the point of care and importantly, Genie will alert you when Tasks haven’t been done.

Comprehensive reports are available on demand.