A-Tech Plumbing

Organisation: A Tech Plumbing

Address: 12 Dukes Court, Logan Village, QLD 4207

Phone: 0418 192 777

Email: info@a-tech.com.au

Website: www.a-tech.com.au

“A-Tech Plumbing” is a commercial plumbing company with 25 years experience. Our core business is the service, installation, maintenance, retro-fit and repair of T.M.V.’s. We service over 8000 T.M.V.’s in Queensland and travel from Northern New South Wales to Cairns. We have been certified in this market since 1994 and are service agents for all approved T.M.V.’s.
We service “Thermostatic Mixing Valves” throughout Queensland in Hospitals,Aged Care facilities and Child Care Centres. We provide a list of references and are dedicated to Hot Water Scalding Prevention. A-Tech Plumbing offers 12-month service agreements to our clients and free on-site analyses. With $20 million of personal liability insurance coverage.