The LASA Retirement Village Manager of the Year Award aims to promote and recognise excellence across the senior’s housing and retirement living industry. This award celebrates the passion and achievements of those individuals who continually maintain high standards in customer service, sales and marketing, complaints and dispute resolution and robust operational management processes across their retirement community. The award will also highlight the important role that retirement communities play in providing affordable, age appropriate housing and vibrant social and community services for senior Australians. The Retirement Village Manager of the Year Presentation will be streamed online as part of Aged Care Employee day on 7 August 2022.

Nominations Close: Friday 10 June 2022

This award recognises an individual who strives for operational excellence across all facets of their village ensuring a happy, harmonious and successful retirement community. Nominees must provide the judging panel with insight to their village operations and management while referencing the following three areas:

Customer service and resident satisfaction:
This may include new and innovative processes, technology, communication, or examples where you set new benchmarks and exceeded expectations in resident services.

1. Describe how the nominee ensures that customer service and resident satisfaction is considered in all aspects of the management of the village.
2. Provide, and detail, an example of how the nominee delivered exceptional customer service in their role as Village Manager.

Complaint management and resolution:
The judges are keen to hear about examples of how you have managed a complaint/ dispute and taken ownership to provide a timely yet satisfactory outcome.

1. Explain the complaints process utilised in your village.
2. Provide an example of a complaint and how it was managed by the nominee to achieve a timely and satisfactory resolution.

Village life and environment:
Leadership will dictate culture. Provide an insight into the way of life for residents living in your community; you may reference activities, outings, amenities, social and community benefits or the way the village manager meets, greets and/or communicates with the residents.

1. How does the nominees’ leadership impact the village culture?
2. Provide, with detail, an example of how an initiative instigated by the nominee has enhanced village life and resident satisfaction.

All nominations will receive a certificate of acknowledgement.
All finalists and the winner will have access to use the LASA Retirement Village Manager of the Year 2022 seal logo, branded with the award (Finalist or National Winner) and year of achievement.
The Winner will receive a LASA Retirement Village Manager of the Year 2022 trophy engraved with the individuals and organisation’s name.
The National Winner will receive a cash prize of $500.

All nominations must be made via the official online nomination portal
All nomination criteria must be addressed during the nomination process.
Nominations will be acknowledged with a nomination confirmation email.
Judging will take place after nominations close.
The nominator will be notified of their nominee’s success in being shortlisted as a finalist.
Nominees who are shortlisted as finalists will be required to participate in a short recorded video interview.
All finalists will be included in LASA media releases and other promotional activities.
The winners of the Retirement Village Manager of the Year Awards 2021 will be announced during the Awards screening online on Sunday 7 August 2022.