Speaker Presentations

Please find below the list of available presentations for download

The Royal Commission, What does it mean for you from a Legal Perspective?
Sabine Phillips, Partner, Gadens
Monday 25 February 9:00am
Plenary Session

The Built Environment
Frank Bambino, Managing Director VIA Architect, Graham Church Regional Sales Manager Schiavello Wellness, Lyndal Rolfe Project Director, Discipline Leader Cost Manager, John Staff
Sunday 24 February 7:00pm
Focus Dinner

The Implementation of Voluntary Assisted Dying
Stephen Thomas, General Manager Innovation and Quality, Jewish Care
Monday 25 February 9:45am
Plenary Session

The implementation of Voluntary Assisted Dying
Felicity Iredale, Lawyer, Russell Kennedy
Monday 25 February 9:45am
Plenary Session

Consumer Confidence- What can we do to maintain it?
Craig Gear, CEO Older Persons Advocacy Network
11:30am Monday 25 February
Concurrent A1- Consumer Dignity and Choice

Balancing Consumer Dignity and Choice- Health and Safety in a Home Care Environment- Learnings of the NDIS
Terrie Seymour, Director, Asia Tomczyk, Associate, People and Culture Solutions
Monday 25 February 12:00pm
Concurrent A1- Consumer Dignity and Choice

Planning for Age Care Earlier
Kevin McCoy, CEO Independent Living, Australian Unity
Monday 25 February 12:30pm
Concurrent A2- Ongoing Assessment and Planning with Consumers

Getting it right- Quality and Safety in Action
Fiona Hearn, Executive General Manager- Care Innovation and Quality, Bolton Clarke
Monday 25 February 11:30am
Concurrent A3- Personal Care and Clinical Care

Reframing Aged Care Services Delivery Through Models of Care
Judi Coombe, Manager Operations, Ansell Strategic Pty Ltd
Monday 25 February 3:00pm
Concurrent B1- Services and Supports for Daily Living

Dysphagia Foods for Aged and Community Care
Berndaette Eriksen, CEO Flavour Creations
Monday 25 February 2:00pm
Concurrent B1- Services and Supports for Daily Living

Complaints are Golden Nuggets
Damien Edmonds, General Manager, Edmonds Marketing
Monday 25 February 2:00pm
Concurrent B3- Feedback and Complaints

Making the most of complaints and feedback
Raad Richards, Chief Executive, Carrington Care
Monday 25 February 2:30pm
Concurrent B3-Feedback and Complaints

The Consumer’s perspective of quality
Louise Greene, Director, The Ideal Consultancy
Monday 25 February 2019 3:00pm
Concurrent B3- Feedback and Complaints
The Issue of Funding
Graeme Wickenden, GEO Mic Care, Kerri Rivett, CEO Shepparton Village, George Koulis, Doutta Gala Aged Care, Grant Corderoy, Senior Partner StewartBrown, Daniel Tome, Senior Adviser, Perpetual Private
Monday 25 February 4:00pm
Plenary Session

Operating in a crisis environment- your people are your secret weapon
Chris Westacott, Managing Director, Realise Performance
Tuesday 26 February, 9:30am
Concurrent C1- Human Resources

Workforce- Building a culture of excellence
Kim Yabsley, Director, StratComm Pty Ltd
Tuesday 26 February, 10:00am
Concurrent C1- Human Resources

Governance: From Frying Pan to Fire a conversation about expectations, failures, standards and practical responses to avoid being bunt
Bruce Bailey, Pride Living Pty Limited
Tuesday 26 February 9:00am
Concurrent C2- Organisational Governance

Governance under the new Aged Care Quality Framework-managing risks and strengthening governance processes
Fiona Mercer, Executive General Manager, Governance Evaluator
Tuesday 26 February 9:30am
Concurrent C2- Organisational Governance

Culture, Ethics and Governance
Catherine Maxwell, Executive Manager, Governance Institute of Australia
Tuesday 26 February 10:00am
Concurrent C2- Organisational Governance

Chefs and Food- the standards and nutrition
Kimberley Moss, General Manager, Bogdan Gomulka, Head Chef Penwood Village
Tuesday 26 February 1:00am
Concurrent D1-The Customer Experience

Embedding Quality and Safety in Aged Care
Dr Cathy Balding, Director Quality works, LaTrobe University
Tuesday 26 February 11:00am
Concurrent D2- Quality and Safety

Alternative Financial Models- not just a DMF with Lipstick
Paul Murphy, Principal Advisor-Retirement Living, LASA
Tuesday 26 February 11:00am
Concurrent D3- Retirement Living